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Elec-Con technology GmbH
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Demo-Kit to show and to evaluate the benefits of OSRAMs Brilliant-Mix-Concept, which
provides the possibility to adjust dimming and CCT independently by keeping the efficancy
above 103lm/W. For this purpose the Demo-Kit is installed into a plastic-case, and can
be operated by the use of a Standard-Laptop-AC-Adaptor. For use in a customer-application,
the boards can be purchased separately at Elec-Con. According to the needs of an appli-
cation it is even possible to provide customized solutions of controller, driver and light-engine.


As accessories to the Brilliant-Mix-Boards and Demo-Kit please refer to following products:
Brilliant-Mix-GUI - Program BMC-Graph

For more more information concerning this item, please refer to:

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Datasheet                Quick-Start-Manual
Screenshot_BMC_Datasheet.jpg150218 Quick Start Manual for Brilliant-Mix-Demo-Kit.PNG


Tel. +49 (0)851 / 21 37 10-70



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